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Pros and cons of buying gift online

Let’s be honest, buying things online has made life much easier for most of us.  The many advantages of online shopping have increased its preference over normal shopping. Now, you can get close to anything online, even gits for your family and friends. Thanks to the evolution of online stores, people have access to everything through their phones.

Here is why you should consider buying the next gift online

It is very convenient

This is one of the biggest perks when you are doing any kind of shopping online. There is no where else you will be able to shop at the comfort of your sofa or your bed. Also, there is no queuing in line at the cashiers to pay for your purchase. As long as you already know what you want to but, you can do the shopping in minutes. You have an opportunity to shop 27/7.

The prices are better

Most online store have better prices and cheaper deals when compared to physical stores. This is because there is no middleman, the items come straight from the manufacturer. You will find endless coupons and discounts as well when shopping online. It is also easier to compare the price from different stores to find the best deals.

It is easier to send gifts

No matter where they are, sending gifts is easier to your loved ones when you purchase them from online. The shipping and packaging is done for you and at an affordable price too.

There is more variety

The choices you get when shopping online is simply unachievable when you are doing it physically. You can get endless variations of the same products by different companies with specific features you can prioritize on. You have access to international goods, retailers from different parts of your country or in different states. There is a selection of sizes, colors and stock.

There is privacy for discreet purchases – It is easy to make a discreet purchase online than in person.

While online shopping for gifts has its advantages, there are a few drawbacks too

You do not know what you are getting exactly

Unless you have bought the specific product before or from the brand, you have no idea what quality item you will be receiving or sending straight as a gift. In some cases, the size of the item is exaggerated, its texture, quality, fit or durability can’t be determined by a glance through your computer screen.

Shipping and delay problems plus Returns can have complications

No matter how good, online companies have issues here and there when it comes to shipping and delivery. This means that there is no way you will be sure to get the gift item on time if there is a special day planned out.  Some items get damages, or lost/delivered to wrong address. While buying process may be easy, return is a little bit more complicated for many companies. You find that you have to pay a hefty price to return a product you do not like. This makes it hard to return products for a refund.

There is no sale assistance

Without a sales assistant, getting exactly what you want from any website is going to take up a lot of your time.