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How to find the perfect gift for your loved one

Getting the perfect gift can be frustrating, no matter how much you think you know the person. When gifting, you always want the receiver to be impressed and approve of the gift but that is not always the case, luckily, there is a list of things you can do to make sure you get the right gift for your loved one.

Follow these steps to find the perfect gift

Make a list of things they are interested in

First, write down as many things as you can. Make sure you indicate everything they like as well as everything they may like in future. Take time and make sure you exhaust everything.  This does not mean you are going to five out all these gifts. The list will give you a cool idea of what to get them. You can also get them multiple things to make the gift more thoughtful and personal.

Think back

Think back to a gift that made your loved one tear up, no matter how small. This will give you a rough idea of what they appreciate as a gift.  A simple gift could bring tears into one’s eyes just because they appreciate its thought. Something as simple as framing a dog’s favourite image or a degree can be the perfect gift for someone.

Ask what the other person needs

Sometimes, it is better to be straight forward about getting a gift from a friend, spouse of family member.  This is a great way to ensure they really get what they want, and to save you from major disappointment when they don’t like your gift.

Surely the person receiving the gifts must have some things they really want. You could ask them, make a list then put together a care package as the gift.  Think carefully about their needs, aspirations and goals when getting them that care package.

Thankfully, there are endless products that could help anyone live a more efficient life. A care package is basically a collection of gifts that are themed in a cohesive way.  For instance, a bunch or art supply will be a great care package if your friend was an artist. Only, don’t make it too obvious, get them something new and different from what they have.

A present in form of an event

Instead of getting a gift, try gifting the person with a special event. You want to take them out to something they will definitely enjoy.  Just like getting them a gift, you are going to have to work hard to find them a special event on the special day.

A touch of you

making the present more personalised is a great way to gift someone close. One good idea is to have a piece of art created representing your relationship or friendship with the person receiving the gift.

Final word

If everything else fails, you could try some stalking; and I don’t mean that creepy kind. For example, you could check for their wish list on popular shopping websites like amazon. Mot people will pe happy and surprised if you somehow happened to buy them something they really wanted and were ready to purchase themselves. Check their social media platforms for hints on pictures and videos they have liked recently for more information.